Stature lengthening is a cosmetic procedure for individuals who wish to become taller. The majority of people who seek this surgery are unhappy with their body image. The purpose of the Stature Lengthening Center is to educate those interested in this type of surgery and to empower you to make informed and educated decisions about your treatment.


Very responsive and supportive staff. Answered all my questions and allowed me to speak first – hand with patients to hear their experience. Overall, a very positive experience. After I return home I will need to resume my normal life. But I can already tell the surgery has made a positive impact on my life.


Cosmetic leg lengthening can be helpful for those not happy with the height. It is definitely improving social capabilities and self – confidence. All patients I’ve met here reported satisfaction and gratification with changes in their personal & professional life.


Great surgeons, excellent surgery and physical therapy. What you all do it is truly amazing and magic! Thanks, Dr. Paley, Dr. Robbins, Angelique, and Mike! Excited to start my new life as a taller person!


St. Mary’s hospital is the best hospital I’ve been to. The nurses were extremely nice and always ready to help. In the Paley Institute, the professional care and treatment I’ve got were truly worth the money and definitely is the safest place to get the lengthening surgery done. The whole process couldn’t have gone any better


Thank you so much to the Paley Team for providing me such exceptional service! They made me feel informed and confident about the procedure. The Institute has earned my trust from the lengthening experience of Dr. Paley and his surgery safety record. The Paley Institute is one of the most well-structured facilities after I visited 2 other places to increase my height.


I would like to express my gratitude towards the Paley Institute and the entire team of doctors, physical therapists, and client coordinators who took great care of me during this complicated surgery. In particular, I would like to thank Dr. Paley, Dr. Robbins, the best physical therapists, Jason and Michael, and client coordinators-Angelique and Sylwia. These people put their heart and soul into my speedy recovery. With their help, I was able to lengthen a full 8 cm which is the maximum that STRYDE nail allows one to lengthen. This surgery changed my life for the better. Before proceeding with the surgery at the Paley’s Institute, I went to two more doctors in the US for consultation. There is no doubt that Dr. Paley’s team is the best. I absolutely recommend Dr. Paley to future patients.


My experience with the staff and surgeons at Paley Institute has been excellent. From my initial inquiry about lengthening to the actual procedure and physical therapy I was always made to feel that my well being was a top priority. I am extremely happy with the results and the recovery time was as promised. I wish to give a special thanks to Dr.Paley and Dr Robbins for changing my life and to the support staff and physical therapists that contributed to the success of my surgery. I can’t thank you all enough!


I’ve been a Dr. Paley patient for almost a year now. Great service from the beginning to the end! The entire team has been very helpful through my entire lengthening process. The best thing about the procedure is that you get to see the Doctor every 2 weeks. Better safe than sorry! Best method to prevent any complications. I can’t believe how smooth the whole process was! I highly recommend the Institute!


Dear Dr Paley and team,
I would like to show my gratitude to you and your team for helping me to accomplish my dream of growing taller. It has been one of the most significant and successful thing I have ever done in my life.

As a university year 1 student in hospitality school, I was lucky enough to be an intern in Ritz Carlton. I believe that the reason I got accepted is not only my expertise in this industry but also the height which I have gained over the past 2 year. You and your team gave a chance for others like me to get an extra inch. This allows us to find new opportunities and make us feel more confident.

This month I came back to take my rod out,to celebrate my end of a long and successful journey. This is certainly not an easy journey, but you and your professional have made this journey worthwhile for me. Once again, I want to say a big thank you to you and your team for allowing me to have a chance to grow taller and feel more proud of myself. I hope that your business will keep blooming and extend to more patients who want to grow an extra inch.



Woman from China who underwent Option 5 (femur plus tibia 4cm + 4cm two times) to gain a total of 16 cm (6.1in.). She is standing next to her friend for reference, before the lengthening (left), and 2 years later after the lengthening (right). She has returned to full activities and a normal life.

American man who had lengthening of both femurs and both tibias with a total height gain of 11 cm ( 4.3 in). He is standing next to his wife before (left) and after the lengthening (right).

Woman from China before and prior to lengthening height 152cm (59.8 in.) (left) and after lengthening 168cm ( 66.1 in.) (right)



Bilateral Femur Lengthening
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Option 1 - Bilateral Femur Lengthening

Tibia Lengthening
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Option 2 - Tibia Lengthening

Combined Tibia then Femur Lengthening 3 Weeks Apart
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Option 3 - Combined Tibia then Femur Lengthening 3 Weeks Apart

Femur Lengthening followed by Tibial Lengthening One Year Later
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Option 4 - Femur Lengthening followed by Tibial Lengthening One Year Later

Tibial Lengthening Followed by Femur Lengthening
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Option 5 - Tibial Lengthening Followed by Femur Lengthening