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Stature lengthening is a cosmetic procedure for individuals who wish to become taller. The majority of people who seek this surgery are unhappy with their body image. The purpose of the Stature Lengthening Center is to educate those interested in this type of surgery and to empower you to make informed and educated decisions about your treatment.

In the Words of our Patients

“Very responsive and supportive staff. Answered all my questions and allowed me to speak first - hand with patients to hear their experience. Overall, a very positive experience. After I return home I will need to resume my normal life. But I can already tell the surgery has made a positive impact on my life.” — M.A.

“Cosmetic leg lengthening can be helpful for those not happy with the height. It is definitely improving social capabilities and self - confidence. All patients I've met here reported satisfaction and gratification with changes in their personal & professional life.” — C.M.

“Great surgeons, excellent surgery and physical therapy. What you all do it is truly amazing and magic! Thanks, Dr. Paley, Dr. Robbins, Angelique, and Mike! Excited to start my new life as a taller person!” — P.T.

“St. Mary's hospital is the best hospital I've been to. The nurses were extremely nice and always ready to help. In the Paley Institute, the professional care and treatment I've got were truly worth the money and definitely is the safest place to get the lengthening surgery done. The whole process couldn't have gone any better” — J.M.

“Thank you so much to the Paley Team for providing me such exceptional service! They made me feel informed and confident about the procedure. The Institute has earned my trust from the lengthening experience of Dr. Paley and his surgery safety record. The Paley Institute is one of the most well-structured facilities after I visited 2 other places to increase my height.” — J.R.

“I would like to express my gratitude towards the Paley Institute and the entire team of doctors, physical therapists, and client coordinators who took great care of me during this complicated surgery. In particular, I would like to thank Dr. Paley, Dr. Robbins, the best physical therapists, Jason and Michael, and client coordinators-Angelique and Sylwia. These people put their heart and soul into my speedy recovery. With their help, I was able to lengthen a full 8 cm which is the maximum that STRYDE nail allows one to lengthen. This surgery changed my life for the better. Before proceeding with the surgery at the Paley's Institute, I went to two more doctors in the US for consultation. There is no doubt that Dr. Paley's team is the best. I absolutely recommend Dr. Paley to future patients.” — Ivan

“I’d like to thank you for all the excellent care and treatment I received here at the Paley Institute. I’m extremely pleased with the world-class and top-notch skills from Dr. Paley and Dr. Robbins in performing my operation. From the surgery to the PT sessions, I felt exceptional care from all the doctors, nurses, and therapists.

And I want to especially thank Angelique for being so helpful the whole time. She explained every question I had before the consultation with patience and she coordinated all the problems I faced after the surgery with keen care.

During my stay here, I made some friends with the patients. We hang out and share experiences with each other, which made the “lengthening journey” less painful and more cheerful.

I’m very grateful for choosing the Paley Institute. ” —

“I hope this note finds you well! I'm Jessica, a patient who had limb lengthening surgery on my tibias in Sep 2020. It's been roughly 2 months and I would like to provide my feedback on my experience on the surgery and the healthcare received from Paley institute.

First of all, I want to thank you for the advanced technology and excellent operation that you and Dr. Robbins have done. I had some discussions with other LLers who had their surgeries in German and Korea, we all agreed that my X-ray looks the best and I have better ankle motion after the surgery. I also want to thank Dr. Robbins specifically for the dedicated care that he has been providing after the surgery. I had problems during the process but he and the team have always been providing effective medications and helpful instructions. I very much appreciate it!

I also want to thank Angelique for everything that she has done from pre-consultation to post-surgery. She is very helpful, knowledgeable, responsive, and customer-oriented. Not to mention that she did an amazing job to encourage me to do the surgery, she followed through with my physical and mental condition after that and provided useful information or connected me to the right contact person when things happen. I am very pleased with her service.” — Jessica

“The patient care team has been an integral part of my limb lengthening experience. It has been incredibly helpful to have each member of the team Angelique and Sylwia function as a "point-person" for any questions or concerns that I've had during this journey. I think it should be suggested to all future patents to copy one or both members of this team on all emails to other departments in the Paley organization. I have been very impressed by their responsiveness and dedication in helping me achieve my lengthening goals. This team has been invaluable. On top of that, like many other patients here, I believe the Paley Institute provides an excellent infrastructure for lengthening patients to safely achieve their goals. ” —

“"I did femur lengthening and I am now 5 months post-op. Since my surgery went well, I wanted to write about my experience at the Paley Institute.

As many, the limb lengthening forum has mainly been my source of information on deciding which surgeon to choose. Many people will tell you not to believe anything you read on the internet but for my case, it actually helped me to take this crucial decision. At first, I planned to do the surgery with another doctor in Europe, mainly due to cost. But as I read more and more diaries, it was clear that Dr Paley is the no1 surgeon for limb lengthening.

Sure, doing this surgery with Dr Paley is very expensive. But, as someone who already did it, I can say you get what you paid for. That is, not just the best surgeon but also an entire staff, including physical therapists and patient coordinators, who will help you throughout the whole process. Having a successful surgery is one thing, having a smooth lengthening process is another. That's why you want all the mental support you can get. And the Paley Institute provides just that.

I was surprised by the number of patients doing this procedure at the same time as me. I thought there would like 2 or 3 max. But I think I met about 15 patients. Knowing that you're not alone is a huge mental benefit. All the patients that I met were doing great and they were all satisfied with their outcome as far as I know. Of course, all these benefits come at a big cost financially speaking. But, through hard work, you can recover the cost. Your legs can't be recovered. " ” — L.A.

“My experience with the staff and surgeons at Paley Institute has been excellent. From my initial inquiry about lengthening to the actual procedure and physical therapy I was always made to feel that my well being was a top priority. I am extremely happy with the results and the recovery time was as promised. I wish to give a special thanks to Dr.Paley and Dr Robbins for changing my life and to the support staff and physical therapists that contributed to the success of my surgery. I can’t thank you all enough!” — Charles

“I've been a Dr. Paley patient for almost a year now. Great service from the beginning to the end! The entire team has been very helpful through my entire lengthening process. The best thing about the procedure is that you get to see the Doctor every 2 weeks. Better safe than sorry! Best method to prevent any complications. I can't believe how smooth the whole process was! I highly recommend the Institute!” — Dylan

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