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Becker’s Healthcare Review named Paley Institute an Orthopedic Powerhouse!

Now on four continents, Becker’s Healthcare Orthopedic Review has named the Paley Institute an ORTHOPEDIC POWERHOUSE!

The Paley Institute has established its presence on four continents: North America, Asia, Europe, and South America, with locations in Florida, Abu Dhabi, Poland, and Colombia respectively.

Opening July 2024 – Instituto Paley LatinoAmerica

Renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Dror Paley, in partnership with Dr. León Mora and the Cora Group Excellence Center for Orthopedic Reconstructive and Limb Lengthening Surgery, is proud to announce the incorporation of Instituto Paley LatinoAmerica, a new cutting-edge facility dedicated to advanced orthopedic care. This marks a significant expansion of Dr. Paley’s practice into Latin America, reflecting his ongoing commitment to providing world-class orthopedic and neurosurgical services globally.

How One Orthopedic Surgeon has developed the future of Deformity Care

This article delves into Dr. Paley’s groundbreaking work spearheading the advancement of deformity care, incorporating cutting-edge technologies like the Precice Max nail.

ITV News Report Leg Lengthening ‘On the Rise’

Dr. Paley and his patient, Rich Rotella, engage in a discussion about cosmetic leg lengthening surgery during an interview with ITV News channel.

Introducing the NEW Paley Growth Multipliers App

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the NEW Paley Growth Multipliers App, a development by Dr. Dror Paley. This state-of-the-art application is now available for download and is set to revolutionize how healthcare professionals predict patient growth patterns.

Dror Paley, MD to Lead World’s First Surgery with the PRECICE® Max System

Dr. Dror Paley, a globally renowned orthopedic surgeon and the Founder & CEO of the Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute, is set to make medical history as he performs the first surgery in the world utilizing the PRECICE® Max System, developed by NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics™ (NSO), now a part of Globus Medical.

FDA approves PRECICE Max Lengthening Nail

In this LIVE stream, Dr. Paley will delve into the specifics of the PRECICE Max Nail, explaining its unique features and the benefits it offers to patients. He will address common questions and clarify any misunderstandings about this innovative technology, providing valuable insights directly from his role as the chief design surgeon of the P-MAX nail and extensive experience in the field.

Leg Lengthening – Surgery to Become Taller

There are many people who exist on the shorter end of the height spectrum. For some people, it might be not the biggest deal – but for others, it might significantly impact their lives. But what if there were a way to change your height …

People pay over $400,000 to break their legs and grow a few inches taller

NATIONWIDE NEWS: A growing number of people who lack height are spending exorbitant sums of money to have their limbs shattered and stretched. Although it may sound excruciatingly uncomfortable, many people claim it is worthwhile.

Would you break your legs in order to grow taller?

THE GUARDIAN: When Lewis was an adolescent, he stopped growing at 5 feet, 5 inches (165 cm). As a matter of fact, nine out of ten men would be taller than him; he would be about 4in (10cm) shorter than the typical British male. He donned stacked heels when he finally worked up the nerve to leave the house. He was offended by how height discrimination was pushed by dating apps. One woman remarked, “You’re a lovely guy; you deserve to grow taller.”

Limb Lengthening to help my career

BUSINESS INSIDER: I’ve always felt the need to be taller, even as a teenager. I was 5-foot-5 and felt like I paled in comparison to my peers, so my mother and I sought medical advice from a doctor in Frederick County, Maryland, where I lived at the time. The doctor recommended a variety of options to boost my height, one of which included a growth hormone that I didn’t end up taking.

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Limb Lengthening LIVE – Episode 59 – LIVE Q&A w/ Dr. Paley

CYBORG 4 LIFE: The Godfather of Modern Day Limb Lengthening Dr. Dror Paley of the Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute in West Palm Beach, FL – USA. Dr. Paley is here to go over the complications associated with Limb Lengthening, after which he will review actual patient cases & x-rays giving his world-class assessment.


The surgery that makes you taller

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12): “Thank you for breaking both my legs, it’s very Hollywood. Tomorrow will be three weeks,” Rich Rotella told his surgeon, Dr. Dror Paley, during his first follow-up appointment post-surgery.

Actor Rich Rotella, hopes to become 3 Inches with Limb Lengthening.

PEOPLE: Rotella, 37, put himself in the lead role in a documentary about cosmetic limb lengthening, in which he played himself. “I’m just so sick of people telling me, ‘You’re too short to play the lead,’ ” he tells PEOPLE.

Limb lengthening: Inside the surgery that makes you taller

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12): Rich Rotella carries a handwritten white card with 16 recognizable names in his wallet. “I’ve got Elijah Wood, 5’6”, (Al) Pacino 5’7”, (Joe) Pesci 5’ 4”,” Rotella said, showing reporter Andrew Lofholm the card.

News and Media - Interview with Dr. Paley
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STRYDE Nail Update Interview with Dr. Dror Paley of Paley Institute

CYBORG 4 LIFE: Dr. Paley is back for another interview to give an update on the STRYDE nail by NuVasive.

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NuVasive Voluntary STRYDE Nail & Biodur Device Removal
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NuVasive Voluntary STRYDE Nail & Biodur Device Removal

CYBORG 4 LIFE: You’ve been asking…well here’s your answer. In this special sit-down with limb lengthening legend Dr. Paley he discusses the following…

Dr. Dror Paley discusses the fundamentals of Stature Limb
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Fundamentals of Stature Limb Lengthening Surgery

CYBORG 4 LIFE: Dr. Dror Paley of the Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute in West Palm Beach, FL discusses the fundamentals of Stature Limb Lengthening Surgery. Dr. Paley also stresses the crucial importance of having an experienced LL surgeon.

Dr. Dror Paley 2018 Stature Lengthening lecture.
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Stature Precise Lengthening

Dr. Dror Paley 2018 Stature Lengthening lecture.

Dr. Paley speaks at the 2015 ILLRS Conference in Miami.
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2015 ILLRS Conference

Dr. Paley speaks at the 2015 ILLRS Conference in Miami. Reviewing the last nearly 30 years of research and development in limb lengthening and deformity correction, highlighting where we are now and how far we are going.

Dr. Dror Paley interviewed on Oprah discussing Limb Lengthening
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Oprah discussing Limb Lengthening with Dr. Dror Paley

Dr. Dror Paley interviewed on Oprah discussing Limb Lengthening

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