1. How was your experience with the Doctors and the Stature Lengthening Professionals?

Everything was great. Both MK and I underestimated the difficulty of limb lengthening, even after Dr. Paley initially told us, “This will be the hardest thing you ever do.” But that’s our fault. Everything happened as it was explained to us, there weren’t any surprises.

2. How satisfied were you with the Stature Lengthening Concierge Team and the information provided to you? Were they professional and knowledgeable? (Before, during, and after)

Who is the concierge team? Lina and Angelique. They were both amazing. Absolutely professional and knowledgeable, before, during, and after.

3. How satisfied were you with the Consultation with Dr. Paley & Dr. Robbins and the information provided?

They both explained everything perfectly and answered all of our questions.

4. Have your expectations been met?

MK is very happy with everything. It got very difficult for MK mentally/emotionally at the end. But there’s no question he would do it all over again. In fact, he is doing it all over again to get an additional couple of inches :). MK said he’d get it for his children when he becomes a father if they aren’t tall naturally.

5. How satisfied are you with the outcome of your surgery and care during your hospital stay?

100% satisfied.

6. What is your opinion on having physical therapy during the lengthening process?

Essential, this was a vital part of the whole process. I don’t know how MK would’ve fared without it. He undoubtedly would’ve had to stop earlier and that would’ve crushed him.

 7. How was your experience with physical therapy service?

The physical therapists were all wonderful. Super helpful.

8. Are you satisfied with your new height? Do you feel the surgery makes a positive impact on your life?

MK was under 5′ 6″ before the surgery. That tormented him. It shouldn’t have bothered him so much, but it did. He couldn’t shake his depression and frustration despite plenty of psychological therapy. Now he is motivated, happy, and excited for his future. I wish height didn’t play such a pivotal role in his happiness, but it does… And this limb-lengthening solved it for him.

9. Did the Limb Lengthening Surgery and patient care at the Institute meet your expectations?

Yes. It was nerve-wracking for me as a father. He’s never had surgery before and this is a long one. Everybody was super nice and helpful.

10. How likely would you recommend our Institute to others?

100%. If someone wants services provided by Paley Institute I would wholeheartedly recommend over any other options.

Since you have been through the process, do you have any suggestions for us to provide a better patient experience?

I think it would’ve been helpful for MK to have some material to read or be told about exactly what happens throughout the process and the stretching. MK was so worried about being forced to stop lengthening. Had he known that his heels would start to not be able to touch the floor while standing, and at that point it becomes very difficult to get back to the previous flexibility, I think he would’ve put a ton more effort initially into keeping his feet/calves flexible. There was a lot of unknown in the stretching/lengthening process as far as when he would be forced to stop. Maybe even just a chart of, “at X days/weeks/millimeters dorsiflexion should be at 15°, 10°, 5°, etc.” Then he could calibrate and recognize early on what he needs to do and what to expect.

We were hoping that we would just do this once and MK would get close enough to the maximum that it wouldn’t make sense to come back. But, MK is good now because he “needs” to come back (in his mind) now so he’s going to get more centimeters than had he maximized the first round. So all turned out fine, except for my wallet.

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