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Safety Matters

At the Paley Institute, safety is our number one priority. Unlike many other cosmetic procedures, stature lengthening can lead to chronic pain and disability. Therefore, the most important factor when considering stature lengthening should be safety. Safety comes from experience and organization. The Paley Institute provides the most experienced limb lengthening team in the world with the best safety track record.

While there are many other considerations, such as cost, time away from work-family-friends, method of lengthening (external vs internal), amount of height gain, etc., in the end the key consideration is SAFETY. It is not worth trading SAFETY for any of these factors. Safety comes from having the most experienced surgeon, the most experienced hospital, the most experienced support staff, the most experienced rehabilitation staff and the best most proven protocols. The Paley Institute is the most experienced in the US and in the world in all of these aspects. It is not worth taking a risk with your health. SAFETY is the number one reason patients choose the Paley Orthopedic and Spine Institute Stature Center for Stature Lengthening.

Safety and Results

A recent publication compared the results of 11 stature lengthening centers using different methods.

Their conclusion which we can quote verbatim was:

“Cosmetic stature lengthening provides favorable height gain, patient satisfaction, and functional outcomes, with low rate of major complications.”

“Shorter treatment period and lower rate of problems, obstacles, and complications were noted with the use of implantable lengthening nail (ILN) technique.”


This paper shows that Drs. Paley’s published results on his method of stature lengthening were better than the results of 10 other stature centers.


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